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The Sultanate of Oman is located on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It has 3.165 km of coastline (including islands) both on the Arabic Sea and on the Indian Ocean; a great desert in the center and impressive mountain ranges. whose highest point is 3000m.

Its political stability, its almost zero crime rate, its natural resources, its 1001 nights charm and its tourist infrastructure less than 40 years old (international hotel chains, roads, resorts, etc.) make of Oman one of the safest and cultural richest destinations in the entire region.

If you are planning a trip to Oman you should know that here women have equal rights as men with two exceptions: they can not become Imam and they cannot be elected as head of state. The Sultan takes on the role of Chief of state and Prime Minister.

The climate of the country, as well as its topography is very varied, with humid coastal zones and a hot and dry desert. The rainfall is generally mild and irregular. The province of Dhofar is affected by the monsoon rains of the Indian Ocean between June and September. During summer months temperatures in regions away from the coast can go over 50º C.
The climate of Oman is warm and arid despite the high humidity caused by the summer monsoon along the coast. The average annual temperature is 28.3ºC. The average annual rainfall is 100 mm.
Most tourists visit Oman during the winters when the air is cool and mild (November to March)

Visa regulations: Starting March 22nd, 2018 All travelers are requested to apply for their visa online prior travelling as per the new E-Visa process. This will be applicable for all passengers including those with stopover in GCC countries. Visa applications at: https://evisa.rop.gov.om/ Visa Code 26B. Visa name Tourist Visit Visa. Maximum stay 30 days (single entry)
Price at the time of writing is 20.000OMR (approx. 45EUR/person).

Time zone: GMT +4 in winter.

Currency: Rial omaní (OMR). At the time of writing 1 EUR = 0.445104 OMR
Currency converter. Live rates: www.xe.com

Electricity: 240V/50hz

Internet: The use of wifi is increasingly widespread although access to certain pages is restricted. However, it is easy to find free wifi access at airports and in a growing number of hotels, resorts, banks and cafes. Other hotels offer this service at their business center.

Vaccinations: there are no mandatory vaccinations when traveling to the country. The health network in Oman is good and it counts with well-qualified professionals.

Religion: Islam is the predominant religion but people who practice different faiths are respected.